21 jan. 2020

Download the new Outlook and Office add-in before March 15th 2020

PerfectView highly values security and privacy. We are constantly searching for improvements. In that context, we are switching to a new security protocol for safer web traffic and web transactions.

This transition has consequences for the Outlook and Office add-ins.

We provide you with new add-ins in order to make PerfectView even safer

The current add-ins will expire March 15th. You can download the updated versions in PerfectView as of today.We provide you with new add-ins in order to make PerfectView even saferThis new security protocol focuses on safer web traffic and web transactions. The current version of both add-ins will expire. In order to continue working with these add-ins you need to upgrade to the new version before March 15th.

The functionalities of the Outlook and Office add-ins will not change. This update will provide a safer information exchange.

Deadline: 15th of March 2020

As of March 15th only the new Outlook and Office add-in will work.

Therefore, it is important to download the new versions. After the 15th of March the current versions will be inactive, and notifications will be triggered to install the new add-ins.

Instructions to install the updated Office and Outlook Add-ins

1: Go to the “configuration screen” on your computer and de-install the PerfectView Outlook and/or Office Add-ins.

2: In PerfectView CRM Online, the new add-ins are available to you. Please install the new add-ins.

Go to “Settings” > “Connectors” and click on the icons  “Outlook add-in” and “Office add-in”. (These are both “active” connectors). The Add-ins are ready for use immediately after the installation.

If the icons are not available to you on the screen, you do not have the required privileges to download the connectors. Please ask your application manager to install the connectors in PerfectView.

Please be on time!

Would you like to know more about the installation or the functionalities of the updated add-ins. Feel free to contact us via 088 775 1310.


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